On Saturday, February 10, Konami is holding their 7th KAC tournament in Japan and players couldn’t be any happier. While a lot of supporters and players are coming from out of town and to keep the competition moving along, tournament organizer Hudson “KAZE.573” Felker wanted to create an event to bring the players together the day after KAC. EXTRA EXCLUSIVE ~WORLD DDR TOURNAMENT~ will be held on February 11 (11am JST) at Eternal Tower in Akihabara and will be a 32 man-double elimination tournament. An original message from Felker and details are listed below!

To all DDR players,

The 7th KAC finalists have been determined, and players from all around the globe have already secured travel to plans to visit Japan to cheer on their friends. It’s unfortunate that KAC this year invites less players from abroad to compete than before, but more players than ever are visiting regardless to show their support. With an unprecedented number of players from around the world visiting Japan this year, I thought it would be an incredible chance to hold a REAL tournament where the greatest DDR players of the world can duke it out in the heart of Japan!

With that, I present to you EXTRA EXCLUSIVE. On Sunday, the day after KAC, we will be holding a 32-man double elimination tournament at Eternal Tower in Akihabara (formerly known as Tri-Tower). We will be renting the 8th floor of the building where we will have an entire floor dedicated to a DDR A white cabinet to run and stream the event!


32-man double elimination

Top 16 qualifiers for KAC already get a free bye into the tournament for their respective slots. If someone in Top 16 can’t make it or isn’t interested, we’d take the next person in line (#17, #18, etc.) until all 16 slots are filled.


Seeds 17-32 will be decided by a qualifier set prior to the tournament. The cutoff will be February 5th. Just take a photo of your set and post here or Tweet your photo with the hashtag #extraexclusive2018 by the cutoff date. Top 16 sets will be seeded in seeds 17-32.
Eligible participants: Any player visiting from abroad, or any player in the Top 100 for KAC ranking.

Qualifier songs

・エンドルフィン (Endorphin) ESP Lv15
・Monkey Business CSP Lv16
・Triple Counter ESP Lv17

If you are eligible to qualify, you must play a set of the following songs in any order. If you get Extra Stage, you are welcome to replay any of the songs once more. The higher of the 2 scores will be counted. Take a photo of the grand results screen for your set. As such, machine score will be used.

Your songs scores will be ranked individually, rather than as a total set. The highest score for a song will receive 16 points, 2nd highest score will receive 15 points, etc., until the 16th highest score, who will receive 1 point for that song. Any score lower will receive 0 points for that score.


Player A:

★990,000 エンドルフィン
★999,600 Monkey Business
★985,000 Triple Counter
925,000 Monkey Business

Player B:

★980,000 Triple Counter
★999,000 エンドルフィン
★999,500 Monkey Business
998,000 エンドルフィン

Player C:

★999,920 エンドルフィン
999,820 Triple Counter
★999,950 Monkey Business
★999,850 Triple Counter

Player C’s scores are all the highest of the 3 players, so he receives 16 points per song. That’s 48 points total (a perfect score).

Player B’s Endorphin score was the 2nd highest, but his other 2 scores were the lowest (of the 3 players), so he receives 15 points for Endorphin and 14 points for the other 2 songs for a total of 43 points.

Player A likewise gets 15, 15, and 14 points for a total of 44 points.

The players would qualify and be seeded as such (as this is to decide seeds 17-32):

17th seed is Player C
18th seed is Player A
19th seed is player B

This will continue up until the 32nd seed has been determined.

Please take a photo of your grand results screen, and post here or tweet the photo with the hashtag #extraexclusive2018. The qualifying period is 1/22/18 – 2/5/18.


Rounds will be 5 song card draw, each player vetoes 1 song. Songs will be played in order drawn unless BOTH players agree to play in order of ascending difficulty. If the same song is drawn twice with different difficulties, the 2nd draw of the song will be redrawn to prevent a single song weighing heavier on a single match than another.

All rounds will be ESP/CSP only.

Round 1: 14-17 (weighted)
Round 2: 15-18 (weighted)
Round 3: 16-19 (weighted)
Semi-finals: 17-19 (no weights)
Finals: 18-19 (no weights)

Pad side will be chosen by higher seed. As of this time, there will be no arbitration. Scoring will be strictly EX score based, best 2 out of 3 (not cumulative).

Grand finals will be top 2 of winners bracket and top 2 of losers bracket. It will move onto Round Robin match rules. The same song cannot be played twice in a single match.

During the Top 8, competitors will be given 1 warm-up song before their set begins. During grand finals, competitors will be given 2 warm-up songs before their set begins.

The venue has a maximum capacity of 100 people. After competitors and tournament organizers, priority will be given to spectators visiting from abroad followed by attendants in a first come, first serve basis. For those that cannot attend, there will be a live stream setup. The link will be posted once details are confirmed.

There will be a door fee of ¥3,000 for all spectators and competitors, and will include an EXTRA EXCLUSIVE T-shirt. Top 8 will all get an exclusive finalist hoodie. There will be no cash prizes.

All prices are subject to change, as well as start/finish times. Rules, event location, and other details may need to modified if necessary. In the event that any details change, it will be publicly announced and updated here prior to the event.

For a visual of the tournament bracket format, please see below:

If you are participating, we would appreciate anyone who can stay afterwards and help clean up. The players in Japan are helping as much as they can to get this set up and their kindness should be repaid!

If anyone else has anything they’d like to add or that I’ve missed, please comment! We look forward to seeing you all there and on the stream!



2018年The 7th KACの出場選手達は決まり、ルールも発表され2018年2月10日の本番へ向けて熱気が高まっております。
そこで今回、The 7th KACの為に海外から多くのDDRプレヤーが日本へ集まって来ている為、The 7th KACとは別にDDR世界大会ができないか?とアメリカのDDRプレイヤーKAZEより提案があり、2018年2月11日(日曜日)に秋葉原にありますエターナルアミューズメントタワー秋葉原様にてDDR世界大会を開催致す運びとなりました!

先ず1〜16人まではThe 7th KACでのオンライン予選での順位を採用し決定致します。こは日本、韓国、アジア、北米全てを含めての順位となります。オンライン予選1位〜16位までが自動的に1〜16人に割り当てられ参加する形となります。しかし、オンライン予選1位〜16位の中に出場できない選手がいる場合は、予選17位より順に16人になるまで選手を入れていきます。

・エンドルフィン EXP Lv15
・Monkey Business CHA Lv16
・Triple Counter EXP Lv17

★990,000 エンドルフィン
★999,600 Monkey Business
★985,000 Triple Counter
925,000 Monkey Business
★980,000 Triple Counter
★999,000 エンドルフィン
★999,500 Monkey Business
998,000 エンドルフィン
★999,920 エンドルフィン
999,820 Triple Counter
★999,950 Monkey Business
★999,850 Triple Counter




17位 Cさん
18位 Aさん
19位 Bさん






第1ラウンド: レベル14-17(*1)
第2ラウンド: レベル15-18(*1)
第3ラウンド: レベル16-19(*1)
準決勝:   レベル17-19(*2)
決勝:     レベル18-19(*2)

*1 曲によって偏っている
*2 曲によって偏っていない










DDR世界大会 主催 KAZE

– Good luck to all players!

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